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Relax Center

Relax center

In the neat relax center of Park hotel Asenevtsi you have the opportunity to relax and enjoy:

  • Sauna - in Finland they have two folks sayngs: „Sauna is poor man’s hospital“ – says one of them, and the other one categorically points „ If sauna or raki cannot cure you, you are dead!“ Sauna supports blood circulation, boosts immune system, relaxes the muscles and has detox effect.
  • Steam bath - The miraculous effect of steam bath is known from the time of ancient Roman empire. Nowadays this is an excellent mean for recovering from the intense city life and for cleansing your organism. In some ways the effects of steam bath are very close to those of the sauna. With the steam bath however, humidity in the air is much higher, and the temperature is lower than the sauna, making it suitable alternative for people with sensitive organism.
  • Two jacuzzis - these are the perfect place for relax, before or after SPA procedures. The perfect combination for unbelievable pleasure ensured by water and massage.
  • The relax center of Park hotel Asenevtsi is available everyday from 10:00 to 19:00. Bathrobes are available for our guests at an extra charge.
  • Outdoor swimming pool - the jewel of Park hotel Asenevtsi is our outdoor swimming pool. Although available only during the summer, our swimming pool is very comfortable and functional. Divided in 2 parts – children’s /depth 40 cm/ and main part. The swimming pool turns into place for playing and coolness during the hot summer days, for both kids and adults.
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