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Veliko Tarnovo - The cultural capital of Bulgaria

  • Architectural and Museum Reserve Tsarevets
    Тhe medieval fortress Tsarevets is situated on the homonymous peak, who is surrounded on three sides by the river Yantra. Excavations show that although Tsarevets is surrounded by a fortified wall, it was not a closed fortress, but a real medieval town, in the center of which the following objects were rising: the palace, the church “St. Petka”, multiple residential and economic buildings, water reservoirs and battle towers.
  • The Holy Forty Martyrs Temple
    One of the most emblematic medieval churches is the temple “St. Forty Holy Martyrs”, constructed in honor of the triumph of king Ivan Asen II over the Epir Despot Teodor Komnin. The Bulgarian king Kaloyan, Ivan Asen II were buried here, as well as many other members of the royal families and the Bulgarian aristocracy.
  • Monasteries in the vicinity
    Some of the most popular Bulgarian monasteries – Patriarsheski, Preobrazhenski, Arbanashki, Plakovski, Kapinovski, Kilifarevski, etc., are situated in the vicinity of the town.During the Age of Revival (18th – 19th century) Veliko Tarnovo was an attractive place for the Bulgarian intellectuals.
  • Gurko street and Samovodskata Charshia
    In architectural terms, the appearance of the old part of the town takes the visitors in the past. Walking along Gurko street or Samovodskata Charshia (the crafts streets), the town guests have the possibility to see houses built over 200 years ago, as well as to sense a completely different atmosphere. The market street is a kind of an ethnographic complex with crafts workshops, souvenir shops and galleries.
  • Museums in the city
    The larger portion of the local museums, are situated in the old part of the town. Some of the most interesting of them include; The Archaeological Museum, the Museum of Revival and Constituent Assembly, Museum of Contemporary and Most Contemporary History, the Sarafkina House, the Museum House of P. R. Slaveykov, the Stambolov Inn, the Inn of Hadzhi Nikoli, etc.
  • The archaeological reservation Nikopolis Ad Istrum
    The archaeological reservation Nikopolis Ad Istrum – a Roman and Early Byzantine town, founded by the emperor Trayan (98 – 117) in 106 AD is situated at a distance of 20 km from Veliko Tarnovo.
  • The architectural reservation Arbanasi
    The architectural reservation Arbanasi is situated at a distance of only 6 km from Veliko Tarnovo. The ancient village had preserved magnificent architectural monuments of the Age of the Bulgarian Revival, old churches and beautiful yards filled with flowers and greenery.
  • The Museum of Wax Figures "Tsarevgrad Tarnovo"
    attracts the attention of both small and large.
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